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Estate Management Consultancy




Through this powerful partnership with DEMA’S Service Provider Network and Tapestry’s global network of vetted specialists, DEMA offers its Principal members full-service estate management and personal property consultancy services.

Tapestry is a property and personal consultancy for individuals and families of significant wealth. Tapestry counsels UHNW Principals on the personal service “ecosystem” required for the optimum operation on their tangible assets. With extensive experience in private estate operations, Tapestry knows there is no ‘one size fits all’ model. Striking a balance between the physical requirements of a property and a Principal’s service expectations is crucial. Tapestry tailors their services around each Principal’s specific needs to successfully define and balance these factors and does so with the highest levels of discretion and security.

In support of DEMA’S members, Tapestry is available to partner with other DEMA Service Providers on these engagements or can contract directly with Principals, family offices, and other trusted advisors and staff. Depending on a member’s needs, assignments may be comprehensive and on-going or focused and of limited duration. Consultancy fees are tailored to the specific requirements of each engagement and are estimated following an initial consultation. Tapestry extends preferred pricing to all DEMA members.


The foundation of Tapestry’s consultancy methodology begins with an assessment of current estate operations. As appropriate, property site tours and one-on-one meetings with the Principal, family office staff, personal service professionals and key service providers are conducted. Depending on specific needs areas evaluated may include the following:

  • Property Portfolio Size and Characteristics
  • Facility Management
  • Service Delivery
  • Budget Controls
  • Staffing
  • Technology
  • Security Practices
  • Event Management
  • Collection Management


Following the Operational Assessment, Tapestry prepares an Executive Summary detailing actionable recommendations for each core area evaluated. Once reviewed and approved, the Summary is further developed into an Operational Master Plan to provide a roadmap for implementation, enhanced service delivery, increased efficiency, and improved return on investment.

Tapestry provides actionable recommendations for Principal consideration such as:

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Identification of required internal and/or External Subject Matter Expertise
  • Organizational Efficiency including staffing alignment, skills assessment, reporting and communications
  • Best Practices to improve efficiencies and enhance asset value


Following the Operational Assessment, and informed by the Principal approved Master Plan, Tapestry assists the Principal, family office, or Professional Service Providers with a full or partial implementation of any desired initiatives as their dedicated owners representative:


  • Partnering with DEMA Domestic Placement Agencies on New Staff Assignments
  • Staff Development and Mentoring
  • Service Provider/Vendor Sourcing and Vetting
  • Best Practice Implementation & Standard Operating Procedure Documentation
  • Inventory and Asset Management
  • Complex Event Management and Logistics
  • Oversight of Property Management


  • Project planning: Program, Schedule, and Budget
  • Project team sourcing and vetting
  • New Construction and/or Capital Project Management
  • Project audits and intervention
  • Subject Matter Expert Introductions


Through Tapestry Associates, DEMA is pleased to provide one-on-one mentoring services to assist Personal Service Professionals with continued development of their management, communication, and strategic skills. Example areas of focus:

  • Positioning for introduction into the Personal Service Industry or for career growth
  • Enhancing current role performance and professional development
  • Subject matter expertise and introduction to vetted third-party resources
  • Strategic prioritization of special projects and conflicting deadlines
  • Organizational challenges and successful team-building
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency of communications with Principals


DEMA invites you to learn more about the estate management consultancy services powered by Tapestry Associates. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally. Tapestry Associates extends preferred pricing to all DEMA members.

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