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Do you talk too much?

Do you talk too much?

Do you talk too much?

by Feigon Hamilton 

– Are your candidates talking too much in the interview? 

– Are they losing the opportunity to move forward in the interview process because of this? 

– Are you as a recruiter passing on them?

Stop TalkingThis has been the topic of conversation on numerous recruiting blogs and group discussion areas.  Many recruiters are passing. Why you ask?  Because there are so many A++ candidates out there on the market that don’t.  They know how to assess their audience, they are polished, they are solid, they are comfortable in the interview process and they think before they answer. 

Whew….but I do all that, you say to yourself.  Think again.  Really think. We know it is hard to not talk too much, after all the hiring representative is asking us a question.  Sit back though, think about this…are you saying too much, did you cross the line and share negative information?  Did you share confidential information?

The interviewer is assessing everything you are saying. If you share too much with them, they are thinking that will you share too much about their company/estate/home/family/lifestyle with others. They are wondering if you ramble, does that also mean you won’t be a good listener.  Will they be able to give you a directive and not be caught in a long conversation while they just want to move on to the next thing?

How can you figure out if you ramble, talk too much, give away information you shouldn’t?  Practice, practice, practice.  Put together a list of questions you think the hiring representative/employer might ask and then answer them. Edit again with a colleague. Practice the answer again.  Ask a recruiter friend/colleague of yours to listen to your answers and then listen to their answers. Practice again until you are polished, professional, solid and comfortable!

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