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Estate Newsletters

Estate Newsletters

Estate Newsletters

Communication was a big topic at the convention this year as it always will be at every event that DEMA hosts.  The idea of estate newsletters came up in a discussion with Toni Chayeb, our Miami Chapter Programs Chair.  Toni is an Estate Manager in the area with many years of experience and shared a unique way she communicates with her family.  Here are some examples below and a small write-up on the concept. 

           Estate Newsletter 1-450        Estate Newsletter 2-450

Ok here you go…. 

Once upon a time there lived a girl in a small town of Miami…. Oh wait wrong story….LOL

I gather the question will be: Toni how did you get started with this???

Well, that’s a good question. When I first started working with my Principal I was told that he was rarely available to question. This worried me since I had always had open communication with my Principals. I was told by the office to pick a place around the house, kitchen, study to leave him little notes. So, I started leaving little notes in the kitchen for items that I needed responses to. I rarely got the responses. As the months progressed, I just didn’t feel like I was letting my Principal know what really went on during the week while he was away working. 

One day I decided and thought… rather than just giving my principal bullet points and answers to what he had asked me for… why not make a news letter with the family name on it and in a fun way apprise him of what’s going on and getting done.

At first I was a little skeptical and nervous… I thought “what if he doesn’t like my idea?”. As the weeks rolled by I noticed that he stacked each and every News letter that I was making for him. He would then make it a point of giving me a comment on an item that was i.e. finally fixed or pending. I picked funny pictures and filled in the blanks. It became fun for me too and happy that it was received with open arms. 

Just for everyone’s FYI – this is something that takes time to set up. Once it’s set up though, filling in the blanks are easy. You can do it once a week or twice a week, it all depends. I manage and run 8 households for my principal, so there is always something to say. 

Never be afraid of a vivid imagination…



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