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How Our Directory Works

This area is a tool that can be used by all registered users to find a great Supplier, Affiliate Member (supplier/organization), Domestic Placement Agency, Domestic School or Educator. Over the years our membership has been building this network and appreciates any suggestions you may have in the continuation of this process. Also, if you have a specific need feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you find the right company for your needs.

DEMA Listings:
Our directories are searchable by state and/or category to find the service you are looking for. Each listing has basic company information, such as contact information, a summary of service categories, service areas and website link. Also, in the Supplier section, you will find a star rating and if the company has submitted any articles, podcasts or videos to review.

Star rating system for Suppliers

The star rating is based on meeting the following requirements:

one star Vendor is licensed and/or certified by their industry trade organization
one star Vendor is properly insured
one star Vendor conducts background check of employees
one star Vendor has a written and enforced drug policies
one star Vendor does not sub-contract their services

Our star rating system ranges from one to five stars. For each requirement the service provider meets, they will earn an additional star. All star requirements will be described in the service provider listing summary.  Our star rating is meant to be a tool so our members know the right questions to ask when hiring a vendor, whether they are part of DEMA membership or not.

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