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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions about why professional domestic managers should join the organization.


Why should I join DEMA?

DEMA is the first network dedicated to everyone in the Private Service Community. Our online community has a unique forum through which members are able to communicate with each other and locate quality service providers. Members have resources tools such as articles, podcasts, and videos provided by our referral network.  Please refer to our membership benefits pages according to membership category.

How much does it cost for a Private Service Professional to join DEMA?

The cost of membership is $125.00 annually, with discounted options for multi-year packages. More information along with a welcome pack will be sent once you become a member.

How does a Supplier/Vendor join DEMA?

Please request an application and we will contact you with the cost of membership and contract information.

I am a homeowner without any staff. Can I still join DEMA?

Yes, any Principal Homeowner interested in learning how to better manage their property and hire certified service providers is eligible to join DEMA. The cost for membership is $1495.00 annually.

What is an approved vendor?

A DEMA approved vendor is a company which has met DEMA’s qualifications. DEMA service providers have their information verified at the time of joining. We look for a current business license/applicable certifications, valid insurance and find out whether companies conduct employee background and substance tests.  Lastly, we verify if companies do any type of sub-contracting.  Please see our five-star rating system for further explanation.

What if I hire a Supplier/Vendor and their service is unsatisfactory?

The purpose of DEMA is to assemble members who pride themselves in providing extraordinary service. If the service provided does not meet the highest standards we encourage you to communicate your concerns with the vendor. If you feel it is necessary, please email or call DEMA and notify us of the situation. This will help both DEMA and other members monitor the quality of the service being provided by a particular company.

Does DEMA guarantee any work performed by a vendor in the network?

No. The quality of work will be each service provider’s responsibility. Each service provider is hired at the risk of the consumer.

How do I contact DEMA?

You may email us at info@domesticmanagers.com, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page. If the matter is of an urgent nature, you may contact us by phone at (855)-336-5147. We love to speak directly with any Members.

Why do I need to provide my information to the Association?

The contact information that will be provided by our members will be kept private unless the Association is provided permission to provide specific information to other parties. No mailing lists or contact information will be distributed to any of the participating service providers without the permission of the member. Please see our privacy policy for further explanation.

I am looking for a service that is not listed in the service provider referral network. What should I do?

Please contact DEMA using the form at the bottom of the page or give us a call and we will be happy to assist you to locate a quality service provider that meets your needs and DEMA’s standards.

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