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“Michael and Matthew are forward thinking professionals who are a pleasure to both work with and be associated with in the Domestic Industry. As our companies embark on several projects together DEMA’s professionalism is always evident and has proven to be fully trustworthy in all circumstances. It is an honor and pleasure to provide this recommendation. If you have any further questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me directly.”
-Charles MacPherson, Chairman, Charles MacPherson Associates, Inc.

“Another year has passed and almost one year since I became a member of DEMA.  I do have to say that becoming associated with Matt and Mike and involved in DEMA has been exciting!! Their commitment to make change in our sometimes perilous industry should be music to the ears of anyone already in or looking to move into domestic services.  When people ask me “So what is DEMA all about?”, I try not to go into my long winded explanation of what they are doing – I just call them the Geneva Convention of our industry!  Matt and Mike come from a corner of neutrality and once one understands why they are involved, one wonders why they did not become a member months ago. If you want to improve your working environment and conditions you will be shouting from the roof tops about DEMA!!!  There are over half a million industry professionals working in private homes in the USA.   We, as a group of individuals, have enormous power and control over how we would like to see our industry progress. So the next time you are wondering “Why am I alone, underpaid, overworked, not appreciated, and I’m in a thankless profession?”  STOP – you are not alone.  Reach out to Matt and Mike and become DEMA-ized.  You will not regret it!”
-Andrew Lowrey, Precise Home Management

“I became a DEMA member and vocal supporter at the beginning of the South Florida Chapter organization.  To say I have benefited is an understatement.As a Private Service Consulting Agent, and a former Private Service Professional (Household Manager), I have met many interesting people.  The difference and value gained by being a DEMA member became obvious the first night I attended a meeting.DEMA has enhanced my business exposure, allowing me to directly interact with the key Estate players – managers and their staff.  I have been able to share experiences, educational tools, and hopefully be prominent in their minds in the event they need additional staff or resources.  I believe in the power of Networking (hence the agency name) and that when you meet one person whom you have a positive impact on, you meet people that person knows and so on and so on. I cannot say enough about how welcome and valuable I have been made to feel since joining DEMA.  Michael Wright and Matt Haack have made sure Home Staffing Network International is a key player in the sound structure of this exceptional organization. If you are a Private Service Professional or Agency it is vital you step up and support DEMA. They are the active voice for professionals involved in Domestic Service.  You will reap many rewards and the benefits are increasing as we speak.  Don’t miss this opportunity!”
-Jennifer Lordly Stemes, Senior Staffing Consultant, Home Staffing Network International

“Michael and Matthew are progressive in thought, professional in style and very approachable. They are an asset to our industry and will go out of the way to listen and offer suggestions. DEMA is a great resource and we highly recommend both the association and its founders, Michael and Matt.”
-Susan Feigon, Owner, Feigon Hamilton Partnership

“DEMA has proven to be a wonderful support and networking organization for both Private Service Professionals and Industry Suppliers. I met with Michael Wright and Matthew Haack personally during DEMA’s initial stages and again very recently.  It is obvious they are both passionate about the industry. They have developed chapters nationwide and the group will continue to grow. Michael and Matthew have created a very unique and successful organization that Estate Managers and suppliers should welcome and support.”
-Ben Schwartz, President, Harper Associates, Farmington Hills, MI

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