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Testimonials-Private Service

Private Service Professionals

“I can see DEMA becoming the one and ONLY source for excellence in every aspect and area for our industry.”
-Robert H., Butler

“I know every organization has its intention and purpose, and I believe that when some members blend and mingle into other organizations, its because they really do want to get the most out of their career by learning as much as they can from whatever networking groups they decide to join. I get my “fun” time from other organizations, but I get my education and increase my knowledge and resources with DEMA.”
-Joy A., Personal Assistant

“Thank you so much for your time today. After coming up against a brick wall speaking to some people in this industry, it’s refreshing to speak with someone offering so much help and support – thank you again!”
-Linda P., Personal Assistant

“Thank you for listening and caring…That is what DEMA is all about and you proved it to me.” Thank You Mike and Matt.
-Debra G., Property Manager

“I am an active member of DEMA having joined the South Florida Chapter early in its infancy. I have watched it grow and now out-grow our meeting location and I cannot express clearly enough how valuable I find this organization to my education, development and professional service as an Estate Manager. Many times I have found myself feeling rejuvenated just by networking with my peers. Where I used to feel isolated and alone in my daily challenges as EM, I now feel there are others who wear the same wrinkles of experience, The nice thing about DEMA is they are supportive and able to iron out some of the wrinkles. Lately I have found a need to provide my Principals with outside service vendors, quality people I had little time to interview or investigate. I called upon our DEMA founders and within minutes had exceptional results. Tasks that would have ordinarily taken days of my time – calling references, checking prior service history, licensing and insurance – all was done for me by DEMA and they provided me with the confidence that I would be dealing with top-notch service people because DEMA recommended them. I am married to a Staffing Consultant and I certainly appreciate the value of her being a DEMA member. We know with confidence that if a person in my position needs a staff position filled, calling DEMA for a reputable placement agency will prove to be the best option for acquiring quality people. DEMA will have screened the agency to be sure they do their due diligence and I have already seen first hand the educational benefits of being tied to a DEMA approved agency. The benefits DEMA offers extend to new insurance plans and the expectations we have for bigger and better things are all becoming realities. Don’t miss the opportunity to join this excellent organization TODAY!”
-Jeff S., Estate Manager

“Matthew is a real asset to the industry. I have known both Matt and Mike since they began beating the drum for a new association that would provide services and support for Estate and Household Management. I have been impressed with their drive and determination to do what they said they’d do, and watch them get it done. I am not aware of any other professional organization that will pick up the phone just to touch base with members. They are willing to do whatever it takes to help members get what they need from the organization, they are open minded and welcome feedback and suggestions. To those of you out there that are not part of the Domestic Estate Management Association, you are truly missing out by not joining right now!”
-Robert R, C.H.A., Estate Manager

“As I investigated a career change to executive domestic service, Matthew Haack became my essential resource for understanding a field that was foreign to my experience but potentially a good fit for my skills and aspirations. Until Matt, I was frustrated and unable to find a neutral resource that had the information I needed to venture a career change. As I complete my training and certification, Matt continues to help, unfailingly offering his time and counsel, providing me with perspective, resources, and contacts. And I’m just one of many receiving Matt’s personal attention. I don’t know how he manages to do everything he does and to do it in such an enthusiastic and forward-thinking way. Matt and Mike work tirelessly through DEMA to bring a much needed order and consistency to the domestic service field.”
-Mark Z., Private Service Professional

“We are so very fortunate to live in a time and place when we can actually build professionalism into our routine. We have many good reasons to make DEMA a part of our ‘’Daily Graces’’ (or at a minimum a monthly meeting). In some ways we owe it to those who went before us – to others who never would have dreamed of leaving their silver-polishing clothes and checklists to have an evening off and gather with some other ‘’domestics’. If a sense of duty or obligation does not tug at your heart strings then perhaps a few other solid reasons for getting involved might intrigue you to become part of all the action. When I think of reasons why household professionals might consider joining DEMA, I think quickly of:
1. It is good for us. It is a great opportunity to network with other professionals, to unwind over a cup of coffee or glass of wine and to build a sense of camaraderie in a profession that for years and years has felt isolating. Joining DEMA is friendship building.
2. It is good for our resumes. Being a part of DEMA is a sign of true professionalism. It is a stamp of approval that you value your career. Involvement in DEMA demonstrates you want to be involved beyond just gathering a pay-check or putting in your time at the manse.
3. It is good for our employers. We owe it to our employers to be the best informed, most well-connected employees they can hire. Professional homes have professional employees who get involved in DEMA.
4. It is good for our industry. Our industry is changing quickly and it behooves us all to be a part of this ever-evolving profession. Many vendors, agencies and households are getting involved in DEMA . They see now how DEMA is the network for good connections, the maven for advice and the catalyst for change.
DEMA is not for the faint of heart! It is for the movers and shakers in the industry. I encourage you to join with enthusiasm. Actively involving ourselves in DEMA is an act of professionalism that has many positive returns, for us, our employers and the industry.
For the nostalgic, it is a modern convenience to join DEMA and bring professionalism to a calling that can be actually enjoyed and not seen as just a means of escape from working in the fields or the sweatshops of factory lives. For the career builders and resume writing household climbers, it is another star on the cover letter. For the isolated and those who look for a guidance and networking opportunities, joining DEMA is the magic bullet. For those of you still looking for a New Year’s resolution, make the decision now to get involved and be a part of the action. The year 2011 can be the year we all provide the best, well-guided service to those who make our livelihoods possible.
I am proud to be involved and look forward to sharing in all the blessings as 2011 unfolds!”
-Richmond S., Butler & Estate Manager

“The Domestic Estate Management Association is a fresh wind blowing in a profession that sorely needs cohesion and Matt will help bring it to a major new level.””
-Rodger C., Private Service Professional

“Thank you for taking the time to speak with me yesterday–really enjoyed it. I did go into the site and look at the agencies you have listed–no surprises as to which ones were listed, and which ones were conspicuously absent.
You helped to motivate me to tweak my resume and call some of the agencies listed to introduce myself, or to follow up with those I have already sent my information to.”
-Jim R., Household Manager

“Dear Matt & Mike, I wanted to take the time to compliment and Thank you for the excellent job you have done and are doing with the Domestic Estate Management Association and website. I have been in service to this unique industry and to very discriminating households for many years and cannot express how much I and others I know holding similar positions, appreciate the opportunity to have relevant information and services supplied to us at such an easy to use and convenient location and format. Further, I have recently expressed throughout my sphere of influence and networks, that others of us in this industry support the association and share our insights as to who and what vendor relationships perform the best for us and to reference through your website, additional information and listings, to continue to deliver the BEST possible service and maintenance to the properties in our care. It is with much certainty, that I foresee continued growth and industry support of the Domestic Estate Management Association as it fulfills so many of our needs, so efficiently. Again, Kudos for such a great concept and for the excellent support and continued drive and commitment you have shown to making this endeavor even better in the future. My best wishes for continued success.”
-Debrina W., Estate Manager

“Dear Matt and Mike, Just a note to Thank You both for the great job you are doing for our industry. I thoroughly enjoyed our last meeting in Palm Beach and encourage others, who were not able to be there, to participate. It is a great avenue to enrich your knowledge about top quality providers and to meet others in the field. Keep on the good job!!! I will not be able to attend this coming event, as I will be traveling out of the country, but please keep me posted.”
-Harold F., Certified Household Manager

“To Whom It May Concern: I have been an Estate Manager in Florida for the past 11 years. My portfolio consists of managing 12k-15k sq ft estates, all featured in major architectural magazines. Kudos to Matthew Haack and Michael Wright for starting Domestic Estate Management Association. (DEMA) Building a network of highly qualified subcontractors and vendors in each state provided by Estate Managers in some cases and of course provided to Estate Managers is a wonderful idea. Matthew and Michael have been smart enough to chat with established Estate Managers in certain states and have been provided valuable leads from them. The contractors and vendors sought out and interviewed by DEMA are asked the right questions having to do with skill sets, qualifications and the true understanding of how presentation, delivery, quality and clean up is paramount to Estate Managers. DEMA also is involved in putting Estate Managers together to network and help each other out in time of resource needs and general questions. I find that the industry is very niche and private so it is very difficult to find other Estate Managers. This is what really excites me about DEMA. One last comment, I have personally met Matthew and Michael, they are professional, down to earth and have a true understanding of what it takes to do work in high end homes and to work with Estate Managers based on their specific past experiences. We are in an industry that has been around a very long time but yet is new to many. The domestic industry continues to grow and I feel DEMA is a great addition to aid in the successful growth of our industry.”
-Gary C., Estate Manager

“I really enjoyed the dvd and learned some valuable things from it that I can incorporate into whatever position I am in. I am glad to be a member of such an exclusive, resourceful organization!”
-Lena V., Private Service Professional

“In the past several days I have come to the realization that starting up DEMA is quite brilliant. You and Matthew may eventually acquire an extremely powerful network and database. (Information that cannot be “googled”.) In my years as a Household Manager, I have set up my own network of people I trust. My group is based on all of the same values stated in your mission statement. When a group based on trust and integrity comes together, they can truly accomplish extraordinary tasks. Last year while serving as a Household Manager, I had a dangerous situation come up when the lady of the house refusing(at the last minute) to fly with her husband on the same flight overseas. I then was given the daunting task of getting a trusted driver to transport her from airport to hotel (without her husband’s help). If I would have had a stronger network, I could have accomplished the task much easier, probably in half the time. Last week, as I looked at the group of enlisted aids sitting across the table from me, I realized I could have really used a person like that in my network to call upon for help in a crisis situation. I know I still need a lot of training in order to become a great Private Service Professional. DEMA just made it a lot faster for me to get there. Private Service is like no other industry in the world. I get to meet some of the very best people on the planet. It is with trust, integrity, respect, and confidentiality that makes us all so special to one another.Thank you for all of the hard work, it has made a difference for me.”
-Sally P., Private Chef & Household Manager

“I loved the meeting last month and will definitely attend many more in the future. Thank you so much for your organization it is wonderful to finally meet and make friends with others in our field!”
-Eva S., Household Manager

“Wow! I look forward to what this association can bring for it’s members as well as what it’s members can bring to the organization.”
-Bill R., Major Domo

“As the year winds down I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed my affiliation with DEMA but more importantly, I am enjoying how much richer my life has become having the three of you in it. I am excited about the New Year and wish for all of you, peace, prosperity, good health, and above all, happiness. It will be great working with you to make DEMA a success story for the history books!”
Jennifer M., Executive Housekeeper

“I was glad we could have a “face to face” that Matt suggested and get a feel for how we can work together for the advancement of the organization and hopefully broaden my career opportunities through DEMA ‘s contacts in our field of work. I enjoyed the networking at Pioneer Linens and the information I learned will provide answers to future needs in the respective fields.”
-Steve J., Private Service Professional

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