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Searching For Accomplishments For Your Resume?

Searching For Accomplishments For Your Resume?

 Searching For Accomplishments For Your Resume?   Consider Adding Scope

by Donna Shannon, President & CEO of The Personal Touch Career Services 

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A lot of professional resume writers and job search consultants are advising people to press the achievements in their resumes. However, many people can’t easily identify the achievements in their career. The agony of trying to think of stellar achievements quickly turns into doubt and discouragement. Yet there is another factor that hiring managers care about more than achievements – scope. 

Scope in the work history quantifies the responsibilities through such variables as quantity, timeframe, company revenues, number of employees and so on. At a glance, a potential employer should get a real feel for the job. Scope takes a list of generic duties and gives them tangible meaning. 

Scope gives insight into how challenging the work was and how well it was handled. For example, any employer can appreciate the difference between a Household Manager in charge of a 10,000 sf home on 1 acre versus the Estate Manager responsible for the 30,000 sf main home, 30 acres and 4 additional homes across the country. When factors such as these are laid out in the resume, hiring managers gain appreciation for the position and can relate the experience to their own needs. 

Staff and vendor management is another key area that allows for the definition of scope. The Estate Manager handling 6 full time staff and 40 vendors looks very different than the Household Manager with one part-time housekeeper and a roster of 15 vendors. 

Just think about the numbers involved in your everyday responsibilities. How many vehicles do you manage? How many events are held each year, and how many people attend? If you help with the cooking, how many days a week are you preparing dinner? 

When resumes cover the “how much” of every job in addition to the “who, what, when and where,” employers are more likely to call candidates for interviews. The better they appreciate the scope of a job, the better they appreciate the candidate.         

For additional information about Donna and her company please visit: www.personaltouchcareerservices.com   
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