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‘Sustainable, Attainable’ is CEO’s Motto

‘Sustainable, Attainable’ is CEO’s Motto

Florida Weekly Correspondent

Jim Henderson believes firmly in the power of the sun.

His faith in sunlight’s viability as an energy source is so great that he installed a rooftop solar system at his business, the William C. Huff Companies, substantial enough to handle all the electrical needs of the 44,000-square-foot building it occupies.

“I think sustainability doesn’t have to be expensive,” says Mr. Henderson, the company’s president and CEO. “My phrase is, ‘sustainable and attainable.’”

In use since November 2015, the solar array provides heating and cooling for the company’s 34,000-square-foot, climate controlled warehouse and 10,000 square feet of administrative space.

Mr. Henderson says the system is Collier County’s largest, single-facility solar project. It produces more electricity than the facility requires, enabling the company to have a negative carbon footprint. A 30 percent Federal tax credit reduces the system’s installation cost to $245,000, which he expects to recoup within seven years of use.

Based in east Naples, the William C. Huff Companies is a provider of worldwide, concierge moving and storage services for the highest of high-end clients.

“We’re a logistics specialist,” Mr. Henderson says. “Private families are what we work toward pleasing. We specialize in ultra-high net-worth clients — people with a liquid net-worth of $50 million or more.” The majority of the company’s clients are worth “in the hundreds of millions or in the billions,” he adds.

Mr. Henderson’s solar power advocacy has led him to speak before groups locally and nationally to convince residents and other business owners to turn to the sun for their power needs.

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