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The Upper Crust Demand Your Trust

The Upper Crust Demand Your Trust

The Upper Crust Demand Your Trust

by Harper & Associates


Demand TrustThrough our many years of experience in Estate staff recruitment, we learn about things that occur in an Estate from both Employer and Employees perspectives.  We have repeatedly heard of situations when an employee was let go immediately, based on just one mistake, which should have been an obvious one for the employee to avoid. We thought we would compile a list of common sense rules for private service staff to follow so that one can learn from mistakes of fellow colleagues. 

Honesty, integrity, discretion, trust and confidentiality are of utmost importance in any upscale private residence and these values will always override any actions taken. Specific circumstances to avoid include, but are not limited to:

  • Disclosing any confidential or detailed information regarding the employer to anyone, including other staff, vendors, Con-tractors, etc.


  • Borrowing any amount of money from petty cash or the employer’s credit card with the intent of paying it back.


  • Unauthorized use of the employer’s computers, vehicles or any other possessions.


  • Greeting callers or visitors too casually just because there is familiarity. Professionalism should be maintained at all times.


  • Not respecting the employer’s privacy. They want staff who know where their place is within the home, knowing when to be available and when to be invisible, even when entertaining is taking place.


  • Gossiping about fellow staff members and taking advantage or blaming them for incomplete or inferior work. Never make accusations without actual evidence.


  • Discussing salaries, benefits, perks or bonuses with other household employees.


  • Inviting guests to tour the Estate or visit while the principals are out.


  • Hiding an accident, whether it be a scratch on an automobile, a broken vase or a scorched garment.


  • Loosening up on standards and deadlines when the principals are absent.


  • Criticizing employer in any way to others.


  • Not fulfilling initial promise of being flexible. Don’t act as if a favor is being done, but instead that it is a pleasure to be able to assist.


  • Caring for items in the home without certainty about how to do so. It is better to ask than to risk damaging valuables.


  • Being too creative in the kitchen at times when the employer requests the basic and forgetting key food dislikes and preferences.


  • Having inappropriate conversations in the presence of the principal’s children.


  • Not coming forward with the truth when a task was overlooked or unfinished.


  • Lack of discretion or tact and not maintaining strict confidentiality about who the employer is.


  • Pretending to be a non-smoker.


  • Being nosey and asking questions that aren’t relevant to getting the job done.

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