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Things to Think of When Choosing a School

Things to Think of When Choosing a School

Things to Think of When Choosing a School

by Charles MacPherson, Founder, Charles McPherson and Associates


Deciding on a Butler and Household Management school is a daunting task. Just as a person looking to enter a medical school does their due diligence and researches and compares Harvard to Princeton to state schools, so must future Butlers and Household Managers be thorough and research the schools available to them.  Some questions you should consider while making this important decision include:

1.    How long has the school been in operation?

2.    Is the school registered with a governing body like a government organization?

3.    Will the school help facilitate conversations with previous graduates?

4.    Compare apples with apples.  What is included in tuitions for the different schools?

5.    How responsive is the school to requests for more information?

6.    Compare curricula.  Different schools will have different emphasis.  Try and find a school that best suits your requirements.  

7.    What textbooks does the school use?

8.    Who are the instructors and what kind of expertise do they have?

9.    What kind of reputation does the school have on the Internet?

10. Does the school assist graduates with job placement?  If so, what is the success rate?


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