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Weather Can Destroy – Home Inventory Will Prepare

Weather Can Destroy – Home Inventory Will Prepare

Weather Can Destroy – Home Inventory Will Prepare!
Have You Weather-Proofed Your Property and Assets Lately?

By Nelson J. Fitchett

Household InventoryAs news travels through the various media streams, like television, internet, and radio, just to name a few, there are many stories about families who have experienced the unfortunate devastation of a natural disaster.  Meteorologists work diligently to provide accurate and up to the minute forecasts and weather alerts, but many times, the unpredictability of nature takes effect and catches many people unprepared.  Nature’s powerful force, whether it is intense storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, or landslides, renders its victims defenseless as it leaves a trail of destruction.

After the devastation, individuals are left sifting through their weather damaged property, to discover items that have been preserved, and others that can be salvaged.  Regretfully, numerous people have experienced the emotional pain of the reality that family possessions, precious keepsakes or heirlooms have disappeared, or are damaged beyond repair.

As a household or estate manager, can you imagine having to piece your client’s home and life back together after a sudden life-changing experience?  Would you be able to?

• Give proof of ownership through photos and videos?
• Accurately identify all their assets through item descriptions and model numbers?
• Provide the value of all their possessions through receipts and certificates of appraisals?
• Present a detailed inventory report to your client’s insurance provider?

No…  Unless the property has been inventoried. Chances are, many items would not be remembered and go undocumented during the insurance claim process. The burden of proof, or the lack thereof, can bring about additional stress, to an already traumatic situation.

Is it possible to weather-proof your deck, your vehicle, lawn furnishings, or the exterior of your home from weather-related elements? Yes, it is also possible to protect your valuables and possessions against the forces of nature. Although it may not be entirely possible to weather-proof your valuables against nature, having an inventory of your possessions will provide an added means of security during an unexpected event, bringing with it, “peace of mind”.

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