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Working as a Housekeeper & Maintaining a Good Employment Relationship

Working as a Housekeeper & Maintaining a Good Employment Relationship

For the last several years, economic times have been a bit strange and job opportunities are simply not what they used to be in better days. This brings to mind how important it is for those of us who are employed to find ways to maintain a good relationship with our employers so that we do not lose our jobs. This year alone, I saw 2 individuals who were well-paid lose their jobs for simply crossing boundaries and not maintaining a professional relationship. This was heart-breaking for me and disturbing for their employers.  Here are some thoughts on how to avoid such problems.

Crossing Boundaries – refers to many things within an employment relationship. Here are a few examples of this and some recommendations for a better working relationship:

Forming unnecessary opinions about personal, religious, and political views.  These are subjects that should be kept private. It is also advisable to not be over-bearing on your personal choices in for example child-rearing. If a mother chooses to “not breastfeed”, this is a personal decision and completely up to the mother. Showing disdain to the mother will only make her feel bad and uncomfortable with her decision.

Gossiping about the family’s lifestyle to others such as household workers. What your boss does in the house is private and should remain there. Telling others of your perception or observation, whether it is true of false is harmful and disrespectful. It truly isn’t your place as an employee to discuss the family’s activities unless the cause for concern is serious, in which case, you might consider leaving the job and notifying the authorities.

Taking advantage as it relates to time and responsibilities. If you are entrusted with a list of duties that you agree to perform for the salary provided, it is your job to fulfill every duty to the best of your ability and to arrive on time and work the hours agreed to. Employers are also capable of taking advantage and should realize that this could cause an employee to quit.

Forgetfulness and Lack of Attention to Details – It is not easy to remember everything that you must do, but that is why man invented “paper and pen” so that you could utilize both to record anything and everything necessary. I recommend that all employees form a “household working manual” describing everything that is required by the employer.  This can be something that is updated on a regular basis. You can review this daily, weekly and even monthly as needed to stay on top of your job. A great way to be sure that no one is forgetting important details regarding employment, it is suggested that an employment agreement be in place.

Review Sessions  – It is mandatory that problems and issues do not fester between the employer and employee. Decide on how often is best for you to sit down together and discuss anything that might be of concern. This is a great time to get a performance evaluation to ensure that everyone is happy.

Every attempt to keep an open line of communication, be respectful of each other and attentive to the promises made by both parties will help preserve your relationship.

For additional information on career development and how to maintain your working relationship as a professional housekeeper, nanny or other household staff member, you may attend our seminars by registering on our web site.

Article courtesy of Marta Perrone, Household Hiring & Training Expert


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